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  The automatic electrical connection for vehicles
CarGrid is an initiative to promote the infrastructure for electrical vehicles. These vehicles are equipped with electrical drive(s) and rechargeable batteries (accumulators) used as energy store and charged by the power grid. That concerns plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHEVs) as well as purely electrical cars (EVs)

What are the advantages of electrical vehicles compared to vehicles with combustion engines?

  • The electrical drive has an efficiency of about 90% compared to 35% of combustion engines.
  • The electrical drive produces no emission, e.g. CO2. It runs almost noiselessly.
  • It is able to regain motion energy while breaking. The electrical engine then works as a generator (recuperation).
  • The electrical drive is small and lightweight. It may be built into the wheel hub.
The weaknesses of electrical vehicles today are the high price of batteries and the limited range of electrical vehicles.

This is the advantage of CarGrid: supply of vehicles with electrical power whenever they are parking. Statistically regarded that's the case in 94% of a car's life time. And once all parked electrical cars are connected to the power grid, they constitute a huge, valuable power resource to energy providers. As long as not the entire energy stored in the car battery is required for a planned trip, the remaining energy can be sold to the energy provider at a high price at peak load times. Nightly the batteries may be recharged at low cost.

That's the idea of CarGrid: The automatic electrical connection for vehicles. Learn more about
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